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Protective Doctor

We attach great importance to preventive medicine practices in order to protect our little friends against viral, parasitic, bacterial diseases. Antiparasitic applications, vaccines, Monthly appointments for pet owners in our portfolio for periodic sprayings are regularly reminded by SMS at Vet Center Veterinary Clinic. With the awareness that these practices within the scope of Preventive Medicine will keep the quality of life of our little friends always high, if required reminders are requested from different channels such as e-mail and telephone.

Diagnosis, Treatment, Operation / Laboratory & X-ray

In our clinic, besides the examination, diagnosis, treatment, laboratory operation, x-ray, oral and dental health care services, hairdresser and board services are also provided.

Vaccine Calendars

Application of vaccines in a certain program increases the resistance of our friends against diseases. Therefore, the first vaccination of kittens and dogs is important in terms of providing complete preservation of mixed, corona and Lyme vaccines.

Oral & Dental Health

The oral health of our little friends is extremely important. Periodontal diseases are mostly seen in middle-aged and elderly animals, but in 6-month-old animals, tooth problems have been observed. At Vet Center Veterinary Polyclinic, the patients are given a check-up at each visit without skipping their mouth.

In our polyclinic, which is the basic equipment required for a complete oral disease prophylaxis and care, plaque and stones are cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler. Preventive treatment for tartar accumulation and dental diseases. For clinically healthy gingiva, proliferative growths, pseudo- spaces etc. are treated.

Hairdresser Services

The vividness and shine of skin and feathers is the glow of your little friend's health. Shaving should be aimed at covering the dog's morphology, race characteristic, and covering any defects. Bathroom needs, depending on the structure of the feather, although it is sufficient to wash the dogs at home once every 2 months. There are anal sacs in circular structures surrounding the anus in cats and dogs. Anal pouches that do not drain in dogs may become irritating over time.

It should therefore be noted that the emptying of anal sacs prior to bathing. The wash is started from the rear and the head is left to the end. The pH of people's skin is not the same as the dog and cats. So she washed them with special shampoos for cats and dogs. Care should be taken with moisturizers for dogs that dry their skin.

The cleaning of the dirt in the external ear can also be kept in mind. Scanning and brushing improves blood circulation in the skin. Short hairs should be screened every day, or 1-2 times a week, long hairs daily. If the silky hair is not scanned, it becomes a knot. To prevent this, the scan must be extended for up to 1 hour. In our clinic, shaving, screening, bathing and special care treatments are performed daily.

Vet Center Veterinary Clinic has a special playground for your cats. This free-to-play game park is carefully designed for your cats to have a pleasant moment.

International Travel Operations

If you want to take your cat or dog abroad, you must complete some documents. These are; certificate of origin to be obtained from the municipality of interest, health certificate to be taken from Animal Health Branch Office, if you are entering EU member states; titration report of your cat or dog's rabies vaccine.

For this, blood serum is obtained and delivered to the EU approved laboratory.All the documents required for the pet animals to be taken abroad are made by our clinic, and you can travel with your cat or dog without bother.

Vaccination Calendar

Vaccination Calendar

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